discipleship groups

Discipleship groups are the heart of our strategy at Cornerstone Miami Church to help people grow closer to Christ.

The time we spend at church on a Sunday morning is not sufficient nor is it designed to be the only way to help people in their Christian journey. A Discipleship group consists of a group of Christians who meet once a week and work through GSSPL. 


G – Gospel: Encouraging each other to share the gospel together in our homes, communities, and workplace

S – Scripture: Each gathering it is imperative to dive into and study God’s Word together.

S – Submission: Scripture tells us we need to be in submission to other believers, confessing our sins to one another, which brings accountability and healing to our soul. 

P – Prayer: As we gather we take time and learn to pray as Jesus taught to all his disciples. 

L – Love: Loving others is an action. Sharing in each other’s joy and pain is a hallmark of believers that live out their faith.


Marriage has its ups and downs. Growing together in Christ will strengthen our relationships and families! 


A group just for ladies.

All ages welcome. Groups for all stages of life available and different schedules too!


Healthy male-bonding is an integral part of  our healing as men who desire to walk with Jesus.  Better than a man-cave!


A fun way to meet and learn how to live out the scriptures with our friends, at school and at home. 


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